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Ab Salmonfarm Oy Data Protection Description

Register holder

Ab Salmonfarm Oy (Business Identity Code 0700980–9)
Telephone (switchboard): +358 2 521 0180


Contact person

Ida Gustafsson, Chief Finance and Personnel Officer
Telephone: +358 44 219 3959


Register name

Salmonfarm asiakas- ja yritysrekisteri (Salmonfarm customer and company register)


Purpose for collecting personal data and legal grounds for it

The data collected for customer and company register is used for customer care, maintaining and updating the register, statistics and market research, providing and developing services, business strategy and development as well as for communications and marketing the Ab Salmonfarm Oy services.


Data collected for the register

The following information about companies is used by Ab Salmonfarm Oy staff, if available:


  • name, address, Y-tunnus = Business Identity Code, email address, telephone number
  • line of work, possible product and service descriptions
  • staff number, turnover
  • information about services, such as, what services are used
  • customer feedback: customer satisfaction, comments about the register holder´s services and other information received with the customer´s permission.
  • details about possible invoices and debt collection

The following information about personnel is used by Ab Salmonfarm Oy staff, if available:

  • name, date of birth, gender, mother tongue, place of residence and country
  • ties to companies, development projects and organizations
  • contact details (email, address, telephone numbers, fax, e-invoice number)
  • customer feedback and reclaimed refunds
  • issued invoices and received / standing payments
  • services offered and sold
  • documents given by the customer and email correspondence
  • participation at Ab Salmonfarm Oy events
  • marketing messages sent to the customer and details about contact with the customer


Legal sources of information

The register is updated with data received and collected from the customer. The information about companies is received from Kaupparekisteri (trade registry) and the details are collected, stored and updated. The data for the register is also collected from the companies´ public websites, received emails, messaging forms on the Ab Salmonfarm Oy and its partners´ websites as well as from various client and marketing events and trade fairs. The company and personal data can also be collected, stored and updated from Väestörekisterikeskus (civil registry) and from a similar agency upholding a register of personal data.


Sharing information legally

The data from the register can be shared within the company as well as with the company interest groups. The data is also shared with a specific data handler. The data is not shared with anyone outside the EU or ETA. Third-party access to data is only through system maintenance work and the third party agrees to confidentiality, permission to use the data is denied.

Information about the company´s identity code (such as Y-tunnus) and contact details, trade name and possible by-names, registered trading place, where the business is run from, the registered postal address, the visiting location, other possible contact details, main line of business and company format can be shared as held on the Kaupparekisteri (trade registry). The data held in the register can be shared with the register holder´s instructions for payment transactions, data processing and for other similar actions.

Ab Salmonfarm Oy has the right to use and share the registered address information for direct advertising, remote sales and other direct marketing purposes as well as for market and opinion research unless the customer forbids this. The ban can be issued through the contact details mentioned in the terms.


Methods of protecting the registered data

The stored data is protected. Physical access to the data has been restricted with access control and other security methods. Accessing the data requires sufficient security clearance. Unauthorized accesses are fought with firewalls and other technical protection methods. Only the register holder and the specifically appointed persons have access to the registered data. The users are bind by a confidentiality agreement.

The data is stored on the protected web server intended for the use of Ab Salmonfarm Oy personnel.


Rights of the registered subject

The subject on the register has the right

  • to access the collected data
  • to know about how long the data is stored and how that is decided
  • to ask the data to be amended or removed
  • to ask limitations to the collected data or object its collection altogether
  • to remove the data from the system to another one
  • to cancel the given permission, when the collecting is based on given permission
  • to receive information about the legal aspects of giving permission to personal data or whether giving access to data is bind by a contract or a requirement attached to making a contract, and whether the subject of the data collecting has to provide the information and what consequences there are, if the access to the data is denied.
  • to make a complaint to the supervising authority


Written requests and enquiries should be directed to the register holder via email at: or via mail at: Ida Gustafsson, Ab salmonfarm Oy, Kasnäsvägen 1294, 25930 Kasnäs.