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Salmonfarm Oy is a Kasnäs-based company operating in the fish industry.
We´ve specialized in fish farming and processing as well as in fishmeal and fish oil production.

Ab Salmonfarm Oy

We have thirty years´ experience in farming and processing the fish. We make frozen foods, processed vacuum-packed products as well as fresh products, all from high-quality ingredients. Our primary customers are wholesalers. The fish farming unit raises rainbow trout and European whitefish.

Our fishmeal factory produces fishmeal and fish oil. The products are then further processed as feed by partner companies.


Salmonfarm is a family company, which is owned by family members Wilhelm Liljeqvist and Henrika Enestam. The owner-director Wilhelm Lilljeqvist is leading the company in the second generation. The key persons and their responsibilities are listed below.

CEO, Wilhelm Liljeqvist
Finance and Personnel, Ida Gustafsson
Operations, Roger Hakalax


Our strategic plan is under work, we will update the website soon.


Our strategic plan is under work, we will update the website soon.



Salmonfarm is one of the pioneers of Finnish fish farming. We have nearly 40 years of experience in farming the rainbow trout. Over the past decades, we´ve been part of developing and advancing fish farming in Finland. Our facilities include 9 fisheries.

We farm the fish (rainbow trout and European whitefish) in the Turku archipelago, close to our processing facilities in Kasnäs.

These days we´re still very much involved in the development work. We´ve, for example, invested in the new computerized technology for the feeding process. This way we can minimize the spoilage and nutrients getting into the sea. For the feeding process we use feed, which has been further processed from our own fishmeal. By using the feed for which the ingredients come from the Baltic Sea we refrain from increasing the nutrient load in the Baltic.

By being in charge of the whole production process we can also guarantee an effective cold chain and the freshness of our products. Transporting the fish to processing happens during the same day as their cleaning. In our cleaning and gutting we use the latest technology in which the welfare of the fish is being paid attention to (Humane stunning and bleeding). The process is mostly automated and energy efficient.


Salmonfarm has a long legacy in fish processing. During the decades our main products have been rainbow trout and whitefish. These days most of our products are being made from the domestically farmed rainbow trout, of which we produce products for institutional kitchens and the hotel, restaurant and catering service providers (horeca).

Nearly all of our products are being made under private-label contracts for the big wholesalers in Finland. Of our products, the hot and cold-smoked and gravad (slightly salted) rainbow trout are very popular. For the institutional kitchens we provide rainbow trout in many forms, such as, cubed, sliced and in portions (bite-sized). The roe from the rainbow trout is also an essential product.

We also have our own brand products called Merihyvä.


The fishmeal business is our most recent investment. The markets showed demand for a domestic provider, so we answered the call. In 2015 we invested in the new production facility and in 2016 we commenced with production. Today, the fishmeal business is a significant part of our operations and through this business we´re fully on board in contributing towards the wellbeing of the Baltic Sea. Through the fishmeal business we´ve created a strong partnership with the Finnish fish feed producer, Raisioaqua.

Through the fishmeal business we´re also strongly involved in the development work. The fishmeal is made from the Baltic herring and sprat. In Baltic fish farming, using feed made from the Baltic species reduces foreign nutrients and helps to circulate the nutrients in the sea. In practice, the nutrients are caught from the sea as herring and sprat, of which, the fishmeal and fish oil used in the feed is made of. Each kilo of fish fed with the local feed helps to recycle phosphorus and nitrogen in the Baltic and supports sustainable farming as well as improves the food security in the region.


Ab Kasnäsudden Oy is Salmonfarm´s subsidiary, which operates as a fully independent company. Hotel Kasnäs is a growing travel business, which provides island experiences all year round. The concept includes a spa, hotel, restaurant and meeting facilities as well as a fully serviced marina for visiting boats with a food shop, ice cream kiosk and a caravan site. The travel business employs 20 people all year round and up to 70 in the summer.

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