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2.10.2018 in News

Merihyvä product brand is renewed

As a part of the renewal of our graphic profile and marketing, we are also…
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27.9.2018 in News

Fishmeal production begins for the season

We are starting this year’s production of fish meal (and fish oil) during the first…
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14.8.2018 in News

We are recruiting!

We are recruiting production personell to our factory in Kasnäs. For further information please check…
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29.6.2018 in News

Summer and vacations

A large majority of our staff is on holiday in July. Our production management is…
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7.6.2018 in News

Website launch

Times are changing and so are the customers´ needs. During the spring we´ve concentrated on…
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31.5.2018 in News

Ann-Mari Salmelin is retiring

After over thirty years of service, Ann-Mari Salmelin is starting her well-deserved retirement. Ann-Mari has…
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23.5.2018 in News

Decoration medals to dedicated employees

In May, we held our annual personnel day. We have a tradition of giving decoration…
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24.3.2018 in News

Salmonfarm was awarded as company of the year

Salmonfarm was awarded as Kemiönsaari's (Kimitoöns) company of the year.
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